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 lucky suki

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Quincy 2nd in command
Quincy 2nd in command

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PostSubject: lucky suki   Thu Aug 14, 2008 7:43 pm

Name: lucky suki
Age: 14
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color:blue
Weight: 150

Charecter History:was born into a family of battle crazy Quincys, but himself, he's a not much of a fighter, but is strong when needed

Family History:his dad died in battle, and his mom lives in a place he doesn't know


Can turn to energy around him into weapons that could destroy an army of hollows

with every hollow he beats, he asorbs there energy

Energy blast
can send so much energy out of his body, that it couldtae out twenty trees at once

energy blades
can create blade of energy that cold cut through titanium

Blade blast
uses his energy blades and sends hundreds at onenergy man

energy manipolatoin, can send energy out his body that he can transform into anything, even a golem thing that he can control

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lucky suki
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