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 Blaze Keda

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PostSubject: Blaze Keda   Thu Aug 14, 2008 5:49 pm

Name: Blaze Keda
Age: 12
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 110

Charecter History: was left alone by his family at the age of 3, after they found out he wa a bount, and were threatened by the villagers.

Family History: dunno

Doll: Name: Jinsei Saiyaku
Form: Takes the form of a completely black sadow of Blaze
Ability: can control wind, lightning, water, fire, and earth, and can make it so that the life is slowly drained from the opponent, and released into Blaze, his strongest element is fire


Doll Summoning
the basic technique of all Bounts
let's the bount summon their doll

Elemental Shot
shoots a bullet of any of the dolls
elements at the opponent at high speeds

Fire Explosion
releses a huge amount of fire from
the doll that shoots forward and destroys
anything in it's path

Hydra Wave
sends a huge wave of water at the
opponent, with the doll riding it and shooting
water bullets at them

Lightning Burst
sends a huge bolt of lightning from the sky
creating a crater wherever it hits, and severely
injuring anyone it hits

Rock Avalanche
Sends an avalanche of rockfrom the ground
beneath the opponent

Hurricane Slash
sends a wave of invisible wind at the opponent
that cuts through anything it hits, and because it
is wind, a wound will open without any blood

Water Whip
the Doll makes a whip in its hand

Wind Sword
a sword of wind appears in the Dolls hand

Boulder Crush
a huge hole suddenly appears under the opponent

Rock Crush
a huge Rock falls antop of the opponent, is undogable
is the opponent is cought in "Boulder Crush"

Lightning Rod
a rod of lightning appears and attacks the opponent

Inferno Blaze
Creates an Inferno around the area, trapping the opponent

Black Inferno
This is the strongest attack Tetsu and his doll can perform by
themselves, they send a huge wave of black fire at the enemy
this fire is hotter than the sun, and will destroy anything in it's path
and scorches things it is within 2 miles of, other than Tetsu and his doll

Elemental Burst
all of the elements fuse into a completely seperate doll,
this doll is also controlled by Blaze, at the same time as
the other, this Doll has the ability to create more dolls,
it is Blaze's ultimate attack, he is able to summon
1,000 Dolls with this attack, only the two original dolls
cannot be destroyed
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Blaze Keda
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