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 Most godly guy on earth

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PostSubject: Most godly guy on earth   Tue Nov 11, 2008 11:46 pm

Name: Frank
Age: -11
Hair Color: Purple with streaks of neon rainbow
Eye Color: He has no pupils so his entire eyes are pink
Height: 4 feet short
Weight:123.23144079569687235234243243242344262673456 lbs

Charecter History: Frank was born a hobo. He died shortly after birth by being sent to a chili making plant that tried to turn him into chili but it blew up because a hollow was trying to eat him. It was killed by a soul reaper. then a random flying rock hit him in the head and he died. He turned into a hollow. It was in the shape of a fly. it was the same size too. Frank got away with eating 137 human souls, 72 Quincy souls, and 30 soul reapers until he was stepped on by a soul reaper who was wearing cleats by random chance breaking his mask, let alone his entire body.

Family History:They all were about as smart as a herd of cacti

Zanpakuto info: Its Name is Babulabulooza and you hold it by the blade, when you shout gorgonzoli cheese, the handle turns into a ufo

Skills: He is a semi good wrapper
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Most godly guy on earth
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