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 Chinu Lee

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Soul Reaper Captain

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PostSubject: Chinu Lee   Mon Aug 18, 2008 12:18 pm

Name: Chinu Lee
Age: 12
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'7
Weight: 107

Charecter History: Chinu Lee gets her height from her great grandfather who was a soul reaper. She does not look her weight and she looks like a thirteen year old. At the age of seven her faimly was killed by hollows but she saved her self when her great grandfather told her about her powers. After she killed the hollows her grandfather took her to the soul society to become a soul reaper. Then her grandfather was killed by a man named Kia Mosimo so she trained and trained until they finally let he become a soul reaper. When she turned twelve they let her join a squad but she refused that offer and kept training to become a lieutenants. Chinu also becomes very violent when needed her emotions change depending on the situation. If you get on her last nerves you will get hurt.

Family History: Chinu comes from a great line of sould reapers. Everyone on her mom's side was a soul reaper but her dad and everyone on her dad's side wasn't. Her whole faimly was very tall and strong. She does not know her mom and her mom's side of the faimly was a soul reaper. The olny person that she knows is a soul reaper is her great grandfather.

Zanpakuto info: Yuisoji: shikai: that decenegrats into a million ashes then the ashed freeze their oponent and she can cut them or possibly kill them right there if she felt like it. Bankai: Her bankai falls apart into energy then rushes into your oponent and when she says bankai it rips there body apart. (Only use this for evil people and hollows.) She can also make it two swords for training.(So people don't die.).


Dissaper Blast
You send a blast at yourself to make you dissaper then you send a harmful blast at your oponent.

Fire Ring
Sends a ring of fire to capture your oponent for two hours.

Ice Wall
A wal of ice goes in front of you like a sheild.

Energy Blast
Sends lare amounts of energy at your oponent.

Energy Sheild
A white sheild circles around deflecting most blocks.

Ash Bombs
Black ash falls from the sky and lands right in front of your oponent and if he/she steps on it it will blow up.

Slice Feathers
You hold what looks like reagular feathers but when you throw them they become small blades.

Sword Dance
Her sword splits up into five skinny sword that slice anything it's told. (The only problem she is trying to fix with this is the recoil. It takes to long).

Puppet Dance
First you make your oponent dizzy by walking around him/her with flash step then you go behind them and whisper sleep. They should fall to the ground.

Flash Step (Not Mastered yet)
You can ru or walk to somewhere with super human speed.

You sing a soft melody to make your oponent fall asleep.

Energy Tip
Point your sword at your oponent and a blast of energy goes straight at them.

Ponit you sword up swing it around everywhere to make a energy wave that pierces your oponent. Only use this if it's your last hope.

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Chinu Lee
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